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"I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your most excellent work on behalf of our LA Fitness project. When we had a late City mandate for three more unanticipated Planning Studies, I thought we would never gain our entitlements in time. FirstCarbon Solutions was a recommendation from our architect. We took the leap. I assumed you were a boutique firm due to your hands-on management style and was quite surprised to see the size of your company! You made the rather foreboding Air Quality, Greenhouse Gas and Cultural studies (including coordination with Indian tribes) quite seamless due to your relationship with the City. Thank you, we appreciate your good work on our behalf!" - Greg Gill, SRVP Development
Fitness International, LLC
"I've been reading these things for 20 years. I'm going to flat-out tell you this is the single most impressive government document I have ever read. I'm not throwing this away. There is more information in here that will be used -- I mean, till time immortal it is really impressive." - Dave Hudson, San Ramon City Councilman
Regarding the San Ramon City Center EIR
"I've been working over the past five years with FirstCarbon Solutions, on various projects within the City of Santa Ana. [FirstCarbon Solutions] provided innovative problem solving, and established good lines of communication. These projects have ranged from redevelopment, to public works, requiring varying levels of biological, regulatory, and cultural resources." - Dan Bott, Environmental Coordinator
City of Santa Ana
"You guys were great to work with and certainly rank as one of the best environmental consultants that I've worked with. I will ensure that your firm remains high on the City of Napa's short list for future projects." - Mike Allen
City of Napa
"I want to compliment [FirstCarbon Solutions] on the EIR, it was comprehensive and well done. I think it addressed the issues as well as it possibly could. We know there will be impacts, there are impacts from everything, but mitigation in the EIR will minimize impacts from this project as best as possible. I think this is a terrific project and process, kudos to the fine job on the EIR and the team that prepared it!" - Councilman Richard MacGregor, City of Norco
Regarding the Silverlakes Equestrian and Sports Park Project
"FirstCarbon Solutions was on-time with their application process, handled additional traffic studies required through a consultant, was always prepared when they said they would be and demonstrated a full grasp of the intricacies in dealing with this regulatory process. I highly recommend FirstCarbon Solutions. Having worked in the construction industry for over 35 years, I recognize FirstCarbon Solutions services as cost effective, professional, and essential to speedy solutions." - Chris McKee, Division President
Professional Constructors, Inc.
"I have worked with many consulting firms, however the quality and the personal service provided by FirstCarbon Solutions stands out. I highly recommend their firm." - Charri L. Hearn
City of Los Angeles, Community Redevelopment Agency
"When we started into this project, I think we all had a bit of the fear of the unknown...what were we going to do with this weedpatch? Kudos to the EIR consultant and their entire team. Every time we had a concern, every time we had a problem, they were there to solve it or address it. Like the concern of Eastvale residents on lights and noise, they were there sharing our issues, sharing our concerns, coming up with creative measures to minimize every impact... Thank you (FirstCarbon Solutions) for a job well done, we are just delighted with the outcome!" - Mayor Kathy Azevedo, City of Norco
Regarding the Silverlakes Equestrian and Sports Park Project
"I just want to thank you and your team for the great environmental document that was prepared for our project. The firm of FirstCarbon Solutions was very professional in every aspect of consultant services to the project and the City of San Ramon. You were always available when called upon and never 'nickel and dimed' us when we needed a quick answer on something. I know the staff and the Planning Commission was very pleased with the document in terms of its comprehensiveness and readability. For sure, your firm will be called upon to work on future significant planning projects in the city." - Phil Wong
Planning and Community Development Department Director, City of San Ramon
"As the senior planner and contract manager [for The City of Santa Rosa, Department of Community Development], I can enthusiastically recommend [FirstCarbon Solutions] as being most professional and knowledgeable in the laws and practices of the California Environmental Quality Act and Guidelines. ...I appreciate the thoroughness, accuracy and responsiveness of this firm. I can say that [these] factors contributed to a smooth process and made my job refreshingly easy. " - Marie Meredith
Senior Planner, City of Santa Rosa, Department of Community Development
"I have attended about 12 years of BIA Legislative Affairs Committee breakfast and lunch meetings and have never had a main speaker topic so well covered as [Dr. Kenneth J. Lord] did today. The audience whom you treated to the overview of the Tribal/Cultural Resources process as it relates to the development industry thought so too. I have never seen so many people listening, engaged and asking questions afterwards. I, too, learned a few new things today." - Borre Winkel,
Executive Officer, Former Building Industry Association Riverside Chapter Executive Officer
"Thank you for sharing your depth of experience with the CEQA process with the CSU Fresno Lyles College of Engineering, Civil Engineering Program. I am sure that this class gained in their knowledge and respect for the CEQA process; I know I gained some new insight into the process." - Cordie R. Qualle, PE MCE
Blair, Church Flynn Consulting Engineers
"FirstCarbon Solutions took the time to dig into environmental and traffic concerns, recent and effective water quality practices, and numerous other details to assure that the environmental documentation was fair and complete. Staff and Consultants consistently exhibited professionalism and thoroughness in the myriad of tasks they accomplished in connection with this project." - Scott S. Barnard,
Barnard Ventures, on behalf of St. Marks Presbyterian Church, Newport Beach
"Please convey my undying gratitude to the people of FirstCarbon Solutions for their continued support of our College & Career Day. It is to their credit that they commit this time to the youth of this community." - Pamela Deer
ASB Director Harry S. Truman Middle School Fontana, California
"Thanks for all the hard work. Our Deputy Secretary was very pleased with the document and recognized all the effort that went into it." - Nancy MacKenzie
Environmental Planning Section, Facilities Planning, Construction, and Management
California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
"FirstCarbon Solutions local reputation is that of a superb environmental consultant ...(Y)ou guys will always be #1 with me!" - Andres Soto
City of Colton
"Communications with all consultant staff were outstanding. Quality of deliverables exceeded Caltrans expectations. All projects were within budget and most were under budget since the consultants required less meetings than anticipated and few if any changes were required on draft reports." - Ronald Kosinski,
Chief, CA Department of Transportation
Office of Env. Planning
"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the hard work put into the East Highlands Ranch PUD Amendments. was comforting to know that I had a knowledgable and professional team working on CEQA documentation for the project. The FirstCarbon Solutions team was able to turn an unreaistic schedule into an achievable and peaceful project. Now that is the way every project should be (in my dreams)" - Larry Mainez
City Planner
City of Highland
"Thanks to all of you and to all of the other FirstCarbon Solutions people that helped to create and produce this monumental document on our very aggressive deadline. We appreciate the long hours and conscientious effort that goes into a project like this." - Wayne Peterson,
VP of Community Planning, Highland Fairview
"I think the Yucaipa Target Draft Environmental Impact Report is excellent and more sophisticated than the norm." - David P. Hubbard
Law offices of David P. Hubbard
Environmental Counsel for Regency Centers
"FirstCarbon Solutions was terrific to work with. The staff was always ready and willing to assist and answer questions. The surveys, data collection and final reporting was of a high caliber and met our needs beyond expectation." - Michelle Catherine Mician,
MS, Manager, Office of Sustainability, Palm Springs

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