Warm Springs/South Fremont Community Plan EIR

The Community Plan envisions up to 4,000 dwelling units, 10 million square feet of non-residential uses, 20,000 new jobs, and a 600-student elementary school over a planning horizon of more than 20 years. FCS carefully evaluated ways to avoid or reduce potential impacts through thoughtful planning of this highly constrained site, located between the Union Pacific railroad, BART corridor, and Interstate 880. FCS worked closely with the City and design team to identify appropriate locations for sensitive uses such as residential and school sites. We then prepared an EIR that analyzed all potential effects of Community Plan implementation at a programmatic level, focusing in particular on the topics of transportation and traffic, hazards and hazardous materials, air quality / greenhouse gas emissions, and noise. FCS in-house technical experts completed a range of background studies to inform the analysis. Thorough environmental review of the Plan provided sufficient coverage to allow for streamlined review of subsequent development projects in the plan area under CEQA Section 15183.

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