Actionable progress on your city’s sustainability journey. 

Enable change and innovate towards sustainability for your city with individually tailored plans that help you identify, manage, and analyze key metrics to reach your targeted goals.

Our in-house ESG experts provide multifaceted direction on creating actionable plans supported by deliberate data collection and management, combined with software management that provides transparency to your community and stakeholders. 


Gather data to start your city’s sustainability journey.

Copenhagen, Denmark


Evaluate your data to identify opportunities and create new pathways to create a sustainable community.



Develop a plan to achieve targeted sustainability goals and Climate Actions Plans (CAPs).

Reykjavik, Iceland


Put your plan into action to advance sustainable progress in your city’s sustainability vision.


Track & Automate

Automate tracking and monitoring to streamline your programs through project specific software.

San Francisco, USA


Increase transparency and promote publicity through standardized verification and reporting.


How we can help

Climate Protection
and Natural Resources

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Support environmental stewardship and volunteer opportunities such as local cleanup days.

Municipal Funding for
Green Bonds and Green Infrastructure

  • Expertise and guidance to facilitate green bonds
  • Green funding sources and financing strategies 
  • Support for legislative initiatives such as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA)
  • Public-private partnership enablement
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Engage and demonstrate community impact to leverage green climate funds and sustainability linked bonds.

Community Health
and Well Being

  • Workforce development and management 
  • Local economy and diverse workforce management 
  • Governance support to transform systems, structures, and policies that perpetuate inequities 
  • Community and municipal engagement
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Increase the available blue and white collar "clean and green workforce" jobs available regionally.

No matter where your city is on your sustainability journey, FCS can help you make informed decisions and next steps to facilitate transparency, action, and PPPs.

Case Study

County Sustainability Reporting Journey

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What is Natural Resources Management?

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6 Steps to Becoming a Sustainable City

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How can we help?

Sustainability matters. Our wide range of expertise in climate change, emissions, water, and forestry empowers you to manage your environmental and social data through a comprehensive, integrated approach.

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