Source: NMDA Architects

1040 La Brea Avenue Hotel Categorical Exemption

The City of West Hollywood selected FCS to prepare necessary technical studies and the appropriate level of CEQA documentation for the 1040 La Brea Project, which proposed to demolish an approximately 8,464-square-foot Volvo auto repair building and surface parking lot and construct a new mixed-use development featuring a high-end hotel, residential apartments, and ancillary food, beverage, and hotel support uses in a single nine-story, 100-foot-tall building. FCS completed detailed technical studies, including an Air Quality and GHG Emissions Analysis, Noise Analysis, and Traffic Impact Analysis, and subsequently facilitated the successful completion of a Categorical Exemption (CE) pursuant to CEQA.

By meeting the requirements established under the CEQA Class 32 Categorical Exemption, FCS was able to assist the City and applicant in saving a considerable amount of time and money by avoiding the preparation of an Initial Study (IS). This was the first time the City processed a CE for a project of this magnitude. The CE was approved by the City’s Planning Commission in September 2018.

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