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Property development continues to be increasingly complex. With FCS, you can be confident that your project has everything it needs to move forward.

Source: Kendal at Sonoma

Case Study


Source: Kendal at Sonoma

FCS provided planning and entitlement services fora new 221-unit Senior Residential Community that is part of the new North Village mixed-use project in Healdsburg.

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We understand that our clients’ needs change with each project, so FCS customizes the facilitation of your project’s entitlement and permitting processes—from vision to permit.

With our extensive experience working successfully with multiple government groups and agencies, we have the capability to function as either an extension of your staff on individual aspects of the process or as a completely outsourced full-service provider.

With a deep knowledge of the entitlements process and the communities we live and work in, FCS develops creative solutions to help our clients achieve their goals. Our experts do more than just facilitate and expedite the process—our in-depth understanding of the industry gives us the insight to identify areas of concern, customize solutions to suit your needs, and help you articulate your vision.

  • Code and Ordinance Reviews
  • Density Build-out Analysis
  • Due Diligence Investigations
  • Entitlements Processing
  • Historic Property Evaluations
  • Parking and Code Evaluations
  • Permit Management
  • Project Management
  • Site Constraints Review
  • Site Development Application Plans
  • Site Investigation Reports
  • Title Research
  • Zoning Designation Evaluation

The FCS Entitlements and Permitting Team


Senior Project Manager

Senior Project Manager


Director/Vice President, Environmental Services

Director/Vice President, Environmental Services

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Entitlements and Permitting image

Select Projects

Enso Village

FCS provided planning and entitlement services fora new 221-unit Senior Residential Community that is part of the new North Village mixed-use project in Healdsburg.

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Biological and Cultural Construction Monitoring Services for the AT&T SR-127 Fiber Optic Project

FCS provided biological and cultural resources preconstruction and construction monitoring services in support of the installation of approximately 12.25 miles of fiber optic conduit and cable between the unincorporated community of Baker and the U.S. Army National Training Center (NTC) at Fort Irwin, California.

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Pre-construction Surveys and Permitting Services for the Oroville Walmart Supercenter Project

FCS conducted nesting bird surveys, prepared survey reports, and secured required regulatory permits for the Oroville Walmart Supercenter Project. The project proposed to develop an approximately 200,225-square-foot Walmart store and associated parking and infrastructure on a 20.75-acre site bounded by Feather River Boulevard (west); Cal Oak Road (north); 7th Avenue (east); and vacant, industrially zoned land (south) in the City of Oroville, in Butte County.

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CEQA for Healdsburg 110 Dry Creek Rd. Hotel and Housing

FCS prepared an IS/MND for a 126-room hotel and low-income housing development at 110 Dry Creek Road in the City of Healdsburg. The Applicant proposes to demolish five existing structures and construct a four-story, 84,075-square-foot hotel and 39 affordable multi-family units totaling 84,534 square feet on the 3.87-acre site.

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How we can help

In an ever-changing regulatory and sustainability environment, FCS understands the challenges you face. Our highly qualified environmental specialists, energy management consultants, and technical experts deliver integrated, industry-specific solutions that move your project forward—so that you can focus on what matters.

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Move your project forward through the entitlement and permitting process.


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