Manager your PFAS risk and opportunities with confidence

As the regulatory landscape surrounding PFAS evolves, FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) can help you monitor and assess the corresponding risk to your organization, development, or project site.

The path to mitigating PFAS risk is cyclical, not linear – a project can enter the sphere of PFAS support at any point in your PFAS risk assessment and management. FCS and Cameron-Cole, both ADEC Innovations companies, have decades of experience and scientific expertise, providing technical support, compliance, and regulatory assistance throughout your assessment and reaction to your PFAS risks and opportunities.

Six Lenses of PFAS Evaluation

  • Preliminary Risk Evaluation
  • PFAS Risk Characterization
  • Interim Response Actions
  • Funding Support/Source Identification
  • Mitigation Strategies and Implementation
  • ESG Impact Assessment and Mitigation