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Sustainable Municipalities

Lead your community to sustainable development

Whether you're a large city or a smaller town, you are concerned about balancing economic growth with sustainable development. Take advantage of FirstCarbon Solutions' (FCS) knowledge of, and technical expertise in environmental planning and compliance, and energy and data management to help put your community on an accelerated path towards sustainability and energy efficiency.

FCS brings together some of the best environmental and sustainability consultants to conduct comprehensive assessments and investigations so you can make the most intelligent site selection for crucial development projects such as parks, airports and municipal buildings - without losing sight of your sustainability targets.

If you're looking to find ways to drive down expenses in securing all the necessary permits and licenses for your project, we provide cost-effective services to take care of all aspects of entitlement processing - from conditional use permits, regulatory reviews and scrutiny to environmental impact assessments if required. Our environmental sustainability solutions are designed to support on schedule project implementation and ensure you are able to reduce costs while carrying out all these tasks with ease and confidence.

Pursue sustainability through eco-friendly projects and practices

As you are aware, you have to meet a cadre of state and federal regulations before you finalize the blueprint for a new infrastructure or development project. FCS fully understands the importance of complying with government standards and regulatory requirements and of reaching a final project design that addresses environmental concerns.

With our environmental experts and sustainability consultants on board, we leave no stone unturned in performing various environmental services, such as air, traffic and noise, water management, cultural resources management, environmental assessments, environmental compliance, and natural resources management.

For existing properties and facilities, we have developed comprehensive sustainability solutions that will step-up your efforts towards energy and carbon reduction. Our Sustainability Workbench platform is an invaluable tool that allows you to easily and accurately monitor the progress you make in improving your carbon and energy footprint and your sustainability program as a whole.

Our energy management consultants will also help you develop initiatives such as retrofitting existing buildings and structures in order to reduce energy consumption, improve your carbon footprint and secure rebates and incentives. With our energy data processing expertise, roll out the best program aimed at improving your energy bottom line and streamlining your data management systems.

As you build sustainable communities amid mounting economic and environmental challenges, expect nothing less from FCS than providing the guidance and support you need in a sustainability-focused world.

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