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Environmental Consulting for Government Agencies

Leadership in efficiency

Our government clients have unique needs. They must manage their own operations and facilities with extreme efficiency and shrinking budgets; they must serve as role models for sustainability; and they are tasked with managing large and complex programs to foster environmental sustainability in their constituencies.

At every step, FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) has the consulting expertise, software, and data processing services governments need to keep costs low and effectiveness high.

As a GSA Multiple Award Schedules contract-holder, FCS provides licenses and software implementation of FirstCarbon Solutions ghgTrack™ and energy consulting services - both at a pre-negotiated prices.

Do more with less

Federal, state, and local governments can significantly reduce their operational costs in the face of shrinking budgets by outsourcing sustainability-related programs to the experts at FCS. We have the systems, people, and processes in place to take on a variety of government functions with proven quality customer service and dramatic cost benefits.

  • Energy Action Plans for energy management at distributed facilities, from parks and recreation to administrative installations
  • Managing rebate and incentive programs for your constituency from program design to data management to claims processing
  • Carbon footprinting and water management consulting
  • Developing, benchmarking, and managing climate action plans and other regulatory requirements in your jurisdiction such as California AB 32
  • Transportation planning and GHG assessment services for transport corridors, ports, and airport authorities, including GIS mapping
  • Designing and managing green purchasing programs and supplier scorecards for government agencies and procurement bodies
  • Support for policy planning – designing what-if scenarios for water, energy, development and transportation policy

FirstCarbon Solutions in action for governments

  • For the Southern California Association of Governments, FCS conducted energy, water, and GHG inventories for six counties and 191 cities.
  • In the United Kingdom, the Boiler Scrappage Scheme was designed to provide a rebate to homeowners for installing newer, more fuel-efficient boilers. FCS converted nearly 200,000 program documents into digital format, deployed a web app to streamline data retrieval times by 90%, enhanced customer service, and improved data security and audit trails for processed applications.
  • For the California Energy Commission's Cash for Appliances rebate program, FCS oversees customer call center support, evaluation of rebate applications, and the process and approval of applications in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Only FCS fully integrates consulting, software, and program management with unmatched expertise in back office data processing to ensure government organizations optimize their budgets and resources for the public good.