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Sustainability Consulting for Property Developers

Building a sustainable foundation for your properties

In this sustainability-driven world you have to navigate an increasingly complicated regulatory landscape and meet rigorous standards when implementing a real estate project, whether it be a commercial complex or an industrial facility.

FirstCarbon Solutions’ (FCS) environmental consulting experience spans a wide array of real estate development types, from mixed-use retail, industrial, commercial, residential subdivisions and planned communities to transportation, schools, medical facilities, landfills, reservoirs and recycling facilities. With our extensive background and world-class expertise in back-office data processing, we provide professional advice, software solutions and legally defensible products to ensure full regulatory compliance, reduced development costs and project sustainability.

Well-guided strategies are key to compliance & sustainability success

FCS guides you in every phase of property development, from pre-development planning to construction and turn-over. Our consulting team scouts potential locations and helps you select the best site for your needs.

As you roll-out your project, our team of professionals provides all forms of entitlement processing assistance to help you through design and site plan review processes and succeed in securing conditional-use permits.

The best development plan is one that fully complies with regulatory and environmental requirements in the most cost-effective manner. With our environmental consultants and compliance experts on your development team, rest assured that environmental services will be the least of your concerns as we take charge of air quality, traffic & noise, cultural resources management, natural resources management, environmental assessments, environmental compliance and water management.

As you build a foundation for sustainable development, expect nothing less from FCS than providing the guidance and support you need to improve your bottom line value in a sustainability-focused world.

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