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VOC Source Investigation and Remediation for Major Manufacturer

Since the 1950’s, a major manufacturer has operated at a site performing research and manufacturing activities. Approximately 40 years later they started operating a groundwater extraction system as the approved final remedy under oversight from the state environmental agency. In the early 1990’s Cameron-Cole discovered that while the groundwater extraction system was reducing volatile organic compound (VOC) concentrations throughout the majority of the plume, VOC concentrations in a small area of the site were increasing. In response to this finding, Cameron-Cole performed numerous investigations including borehole and monitoring well installation, cone-penetrometer-testing and membrane interface probe surveys to further characterize the nature and extent of VOCs within the source area.  These investigations defined a VOC source area encompassing an approximately 400-foot by 500-foot area to depths of 90-feet below the surface where VOC concentrations exceeded 500,000 micrograms per liter.

Cameron-Cole performed a remedial alternatives assessment to identify additional remedial measures within the source area.  This assessment identified in-situ bio reactors (ISBRs) as the preferred remedy.  Initially, a pilot ISBR system was installed consisting of two ISBR treatment wells.  The microbial populations within the bioreactors were developed through Cameron-Cole’s license for this technology with Louisiana State University’s Microbiology Lab in Baton Rouge, LA.  Within a year, groundwater VOC concentrations within the source area had decreased by greater than 50% in close proximity to the treatment wells.  Based upon these favorable results, an expanded pilot system, designed to treat the entire source area was installed.  Cameron-Cole maintains and operates this system which has shown VOC reductions to date of over 90%.

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