• City of San Ramon



San Ramon 2030 General Plan Update EIR

The City of San Ramon undertook an update to its 2020 General Plan that consisted of changes to the Urban Growth Boundary and revisions to the goals and policies contained in the various General Plan elements. As part of the update, FCS prepared a new Air Quality and GHG Element and background report to address strategies to limit emissions of criteria pollutants, Toxic Air Contaminants, and GHG emissions in accordance with State and regional mandates.

FCS also prepared a Climate Action Plan (CAP) for the City that was consistent with the Bay Area Air Quality Management Draft Air Quality CEQA Guidelines that provide criteria for demonstrating consistency with Assembly Bill (AB 32), the California Air Resources Board (ARB) Scoping Plan, and regional emission reductions for the Bay Area. The CAP quantified the benefits of land use and transportation strategies, and demonstrated that the CAP meets all regulatory requirements. The CAP also included implementation actions, a monitoring program to ensure that progress is tracked and corrective actions can be taken if needed, and a section on climate change adaptation strategies and policies.

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