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San Mateo Central Park Master Plan Update IS/MND

FCS prepared an IS/MND for the San Mateo Central Park Master Plan Update. A 2002 Strategic Plan prepared by the City of San Mateo Parks and Recreation Department made a number of both general and specific recommendations regarding the City’s parks and recreational system as a whole, identifying the San Mateo Central Park as an important piece of the City and establishing a number of design objectives for the park. The proposed project incorporated these specific objectives into the crafting of the Master Plan update, which will explore the reuse and reconfiguration of existing park facilities.

Several different stakeholder groups, including residents, design professional, and downtown business owners, have taken an active role in the conceptual park design process over the past decades. Along with the City of San Mateo and RRM Design Group, FCS encouraged this same level of participation during the preliminary design phase and during the preparation of the IS/MND and supporting technical reports. The project was approved in October 2017.

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