Pre-construction Surveys and Permitting Services for the Oroville Walmart Supercenter Project

FCS conducted nesting bird surveys, prepared survey reports, and secured required regulatory permits for the Oroville Walmart Supercenter Project. The project proposed to develop an approximately 200,225-square-foot Walmart store and associated parking and infrastructure on a 20.75-acre site bounded by Feather River Boulevard (west); Cal Oak Road (north); 7th Avenue (east); and vacant, industrially zoned land (south) in the City of Oroville, in Butte County. The store would contain general merchandise and grocery sales areas, as well as a fast-food restaurant tenant, a bank, a medical clinic, a vision center, a photo lab, and a nail and hair salon. An existing Walmart store located at 355 Oroville Dam Boulevard East (approximately 0.4 mile northwest of the project site across Feather River Boulevard) would be closed, but the existing store would be sold to a third party with plans to re-tenant it in the future. In addition to conducting pre-construction biological surveys, FCS prepared a CDFW Streambed Alteration Agreement, RWQCB Waste Discharge Application, and City of Oroville Tree Removal Application on behalf of the project proponent.

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