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  • City of Pleasant Hill  



Oak Park Properties Specific Plan EIR

FCS prepared an EIR for a 15-acre plan area which includes a new public library, housing, and athletic fields. The plan area is located entirely within the City of Pleasant Hill on land owned by Contra Costa County and the Mount Diablo Unified School District. The project also included necessary infrastructure improvements such as roadway widening, lane configuration improvements, and signal upgrades; new curb and gutter, sidewalks, and ADA facilities; and drainage, utilities (including a possible sewer line removal), lighting, and landscape improvements throughout the plan area. FCS worked with the property sponsors and stakeholders to clearly define the project. FCS also identified mitigation and prepared all regulatory permit applications, including a 404 permit from the USACE, Streambed Alteration Agreement with the CDFW, and 401 water quality certification from the RWQCB.

As part of the EIR, FCS prepared nighttime visual simulations using state-of-the-art 3D modeling, GIS, and photo-editing software. The visual simulations demonstrate how the new athletic fields and associated flood lighting would appear at nighttime conditions from various vantage points surrounding the site, including public streets and trails. As there was high public interest in potential impacts related to light pollution and glare, FCS’ simulations provided decision makers and the public with a highly valuable tool in assessing any visual impacts that would be associated with this project.

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