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Manufacturing Facility Air Compliance Plan

Cameron-Cole prepared a Compliance Plan and associated operating permit modifications designed to address violations of the Clean Air Act (CAA) at multiple facilities operated by a client with production facilities located in the Bakken formation. This Compliance Plan was used as the basis for the assessment, execution, verification, and maintenance of compliance with federal and state air emission regulations. The purpose of the Compliance Plan was to provide procedures to manage emitting equipment that resulted in a reduction of potential threats to human health and the environment. In order to meet this general objective, four specific goals were identified and addressed. We first identified oil and gas facilities that were outside of compliance based on regulatory criteria. We then prepared and executed corrective actions to bring any affected facilities into regulatory compliance. We verified that the corrective action was completed and resulted in regulatory compliance. Cameron-Cole then provided a monitoring and inspection program to ensure continued compliance with air and regulation at all facilities. This Compliance Plan provided a summary of the facility conditions, corrective actions, and an estimated schedule for installing and/or repairing any necessary emission control equipment. Following the implementation of the compliance plan, Cameron-Cole performed emissions calculations and prepared the necessary permit modifications required to describe the updated emission control measures.

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