Lang Ranch Sapwi Trails Community Park Project IS/MND and Regulatory Permitting for the Conejo Recreation and Park District

FCS prepared an IS/MND and associated technical studies (Air Quality and GHG Emissions Assessment, Biological Resources Letter Report, Traffic Impact Analysis, Constraints Map) for a 145-acre Community Park that would support a number of passive and semi-passive recreational activities, including hiking, biking, disc golf, and non-motorized model glider flying.

The IS/MND was adopted in December 2014. FCS is now under contract with the Conejo Recreation and Park District to prepare all federal and state regulatory biological permits to support project implementation, including updating the previously prepared jurisdictional delineation report and preparing a Section 404 Nationwide Permit, Section 401 CWA Certification, and CDFW Streambed Alteration Agreement Application, and conducting ongoing coordination with regulatory agency staff. We are also reviewing project design plans and ensuring that adequate buffers and temporary fencing are placed around the last known locations of two Braunton’s milk vetch specimens; preparing a WEAP for distribution to all on-site construction personnel who will be conducting clearing, excavation, and other construction activities on-site; and conducting pre-construction surveys for nesting birds, western pond turtle, and other sensitive species with the potential to occur on-site.

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