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Fresno Highway Sign Project Visual Simulations

FCS prepared visual simulations for an outdoor advertising company to understand how existing zoning parameters would affect proposed freeway billboards at three locations throughout the City of Fresno. As part of an internal cost-benefit analysis, the company’s goal was to understand the visibility of proposed signs at several theoretical heights as they would appear according to City requirements. FCS prepared a 3D model of each location incorporating critical topographic, building height, and landscaping data to ensure the accuracy of the analysis.

FCS also prepared a set of animated videos to demonstrate the line of sight and duration of visibility for each proposed sign at certain distances along Highway 99. The model for these videos incorporated a scenario included the construction of an interchange overpass that was approved by the City previous to this project, due to the fact it would have considerable impacts on the visibility of the signs. Ultimately, the exercise enabled the client to understand the economic viability of each sign and make informed decisions on whether or not to apply for zoning variances.

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