Dogtown Rd. Bridges

Dogtown Road is a rural road in Calaveras County that runs from Fricot City Road in the north to State Route 49 in the south. There are several bridges located along Dogtown Road including the French Gulch, San Domingo Creek, and Indian Creek crossings. These three bridges had been identified as Functionally Obsolete (FO) by Caltrans and were eligible for funding through the Highway Bridge Program (HBP). Each of the three single-lane bridges was planned to be replaced with a two-lane bridge.

FCS was selected to provide a scope of work that included a range of environmental compliance and natural resources permitting support services for the Dogtown Road Bridge Crossings. FCS prepared a CEQA compliant Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration for all three bridges. Additionally, FCS completed the related Natural Environment Studies (NES) and Biological Assessments (BA). FCS has completed all coordination necessary to ensure a successful completion of the Section 7 process under the Federal Endangered Species Act (FESA) for the listed California Red-legged Frog (CRLF). FCS also provided regulatory permitting support services prior to project construction. FCS prepared and submitted regulatory permit application packages for the project, which included a Clean Water Act Section 404 Nationwide Permit, Clean Water Act Section 401 Water Quality Certification, and Section 1602 Streambed Alteration Agreement.

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