Brian Myller

With more than 30 years’ experience as a scientist and leader, Brian has helped Fortune 500 firms and many federal, state, and local agencies find integrative ways to improve sustainability, resilience, and business performance. Brian brings a holistic perspective for cross-connecting disciplines, services, and people to strengthen the value we provide our clients and society.

Recent Posts

Sustainability vs Resilience: It’s a Vector Thing

How the Direction of Impact Helps Differentiate Sustainability and Resilience 

The Role of Diverse Data: Reflections from a Multidisciplinary ES Career

After decades of experience in environmental science, at least one thing remains clear: that diverse, well-integrated data is at the heart of real change. From observations early in my career to my work with organizations connecting sustainability performance to business goals, I’ve seen firsthand the role that data plays in fueling informed, strategic action—and what we can achieve when we connect the dots. 


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