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Site Assessments

Get all the data you need when appraising a site.

Do you want to get the vital information you need about a certain location where you’re planning to build or dig? What about how its physical features affect the overall design of your future project? Perhaps you want to ensure the success of the due diligence process you’re about to undertake? Then let FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) get you the data you need.

Our team of environmental assessment experts visits your site to accurately describe the locale’s physical environment. We determine its project suitability and conduct research to give you a compliance checklist for doing business in that location. We also survey the property’s natural and cultural resources and identify critical aspects that may have an impact on development design and future operations at that spot.

FCS also includes air, water and other assessments so you can meet all necessary environmental regulations as well as integrate appropriate mitigation programs into your project’s overall blueprint.

Complete package, only from FirstCarbon.

With FCS, rest assured that your site assessments have all the data necessary to make the right decisions on whatever project you’re into, be it a restaurant venture or an industrial park. You get a complete assessment package straight from the experts.

When it comes to giving you the most thorough & practical site assessments, expect nothing less from FCS than providing you with the guidance and support you need to improve your bottom line value.

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