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Sustainability, Environmental & Energy Consulting

Lead the pack. Let the experts show you the way.

With some of the best sustainability, environmental and energy consultants in the industry, FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) empowers your business with the strategies and technologies that will help manage your environmental and sustainability initiatives profitably – so you can differentiate your business in a highly competitive marketplace.

We bring decades of experience and expertise to help you reduce your environmental costs and impacts, lower energy and resource use, ensure compliance, and operate more sustainably and efficiently.

Our consulting services include:

Set industry standards in sustainable profitability

FCS will help you achieve sustainable profitability with our software solutions and back-office data processing expertise combined with our top-of-the-line energy and environmental consulting services.

Whether your organization is reviewing environmental and sustainability practices throughout your operations or you are looking to ensure compliance with current regulations, FCS helps you expand and operate in a world that is increasingly demanding sustainable business practices for all participants. 

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