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Sustainability Consulting for Restaurants

Profitable sustainability for the foodservice business

From fast-food and fast-casual restaurants to coffeehouse chains, being ahead of the competition means doing business that drives sustainable profitability. Working with FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) you will develop strategies and programs to optimize your resource use, eliminate waste and streamline your systems across your supply chain for improved food service, increased customer satisfaction and optimum ROI.

If you are looking to open a new location, our team of consultants provides a complete package of services so that securing the necessary entitlements is the least of your concerns. With proven experience and technical expertise, our team of development managers works with you to develop and implement an effective strategy to obtain site development approvals for your projects. We also facilitate the process of obtaining necessary licenses and permits by helping you prepare the application papers, complying with all applicable standards and regulations and undergoing all review processes.

In addition, FCS takes care of the legwork in filing your applications. Working with us, you are assured of submitting correct documents and other prerequisites to avoid unnecessary delays.

And, for ongoing operations, with FCS, you will be able to keep track of all your permits, across all your locations, so you never miss a renewal deadline.

Energy solutions to support your bottom line

As more restaurants adopt policies to increase energy efficiency, you can rely on our environmental and energy experts to establish a workable, integrated program to reduce your energy costs. Our software solutions such as Sustainability Workbench and ghgTrack™ are tools that monitor your energy performance and provide support to enable you improve your carbon footprint.

We also have more than 5,000 data management professionals around the world who have the expertise to fully manage your utility bill processing so that you pay your bills promptly and accurately, protecting your bottom line by making you avoid any duplication and unnecessary penalties for late payments.

Increasing your revenues is a significant focus, especially amid a slow-moving economy. Our technical experts and industry consultants study front and back of the house operations and recommend new initiatives, such as retrofitting and using new, energy-efficient equipment to reduce energy consumption, improve your environmental performance and subsequently receive rebates and incentives from utilities and government agencies - increasing your profitability and sustainability at the same time.

We provide your organization with sustainability solutions on climate change, carbon and energy management and corporate social responsibility reporting. Our vast experience ensures you get the right sustainability strategies and programs.

Also, our professional team performs supply chain services, including supplier scorecards, carbon accounting and life cycle assessment to help track your sustainability efforts and address your environmental impact across your portfolio. FCS is a pioneer in fully integrating consulting and software with data processing services to support your efforts to make your company more sustainable.

Expect nothing less from FCS than providing the guidance and support you need to improve your bottom line value in a sustainability-focused world.

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