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Natural Resources Management

Caring for protected species and their habitats

Do you need to conduct a survey of protected species? Monitor the construction of a project in an area abundant in flora and fauna? Is your organization required to restore habitats as part of your development plan? Then let FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) give you the professional support you need to accomplish these tasks. We develop and implement an effective program to manage your natural resources and enhance your company’s reputation in preserving biodiversity.

FCS helps you with advance planning and to develop innovative solutions and practices to address issues concerning natural resources. You receive the necessary technical and management assistance from biologists, ecologists and environmental specialists to ensure that your projects are implemented without harming nearby ecosystems and your long-term development goals.

Seek expert guidance in managing critical habitat areas

With our extensive knowledge of land development, the natural environment and regulatory processes, you get the needed evaluations, advice and mediations to meet even the most complicated requirements in managing your natural resources, especially those in critical habitat-designated areas.

While development is not prohibited in these areas, there are additional government consultations required under the Endangered Species Act and only the experts can provide you with adequate and proper guidance. Our involvement in major management projects in some of the most critical habitat areas gives you the assurance that your natural resources management program supports business sustainability while protecting endangered species.

When handling natural resources in pursuit of your development projects and goals, expect nothing less from FCS than providing the guidance and support you need to improve your bottom line value.

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