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Environmental Assessments

Know the impacts to your environment

Addressing issues such as sensitive habitats, historic or archaeological resources, and hazardous materials can drive up your development costs. Whether your goal is to conduct business or harness the potential of a specific location, accurate environmental assessments are a must to create a development plan with the least delays and most minimal environmental impacts.

FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) helps organizations efficiently and responsibly assess and manage these issues so you understand the true costs of development, choose the right site, and optimize costs. FCS combines technical expertise in, and knowledge of, air quality, biological and cultural resources, land use and urban planning to perform these assessments with focus on permitting and entitlements.

For years, our environmental specialists have dealt with various challenges that include scheduling and logistics, long-term field efforts and complicated compliance issues. These collective experiences ensure you get cost-effective, technically sound, and legally defensible solutions.

Navigate the regulatory process swiftly and cost-effectively

Our background in environmental compliance covers more than 6,000 projects that are subject to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). These projects range from industrial, commercial & residential properties to dams & reservoirs, schools, golf courses, hospitals, and transportation & recycling facilities. Because of this enormous experience in the regulatory landscape, we easily identify the requirements and mandated procedures for your projects, helping you navigate the review process swiftly and cost-effectively.

More than ever, organizations are looking for efficient, practical and cost-effective ways to assess and manage the environmental impacts of new or modified projects. We assist both owners and developers with cost-effective evaluations, compliance and continuing sustainability programs.

Our professional team of wetland delineators, permitting specialists, endangered species biologists and restoration ecologists takes you through the entire regulatory process as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

In addition, our archaeologists and cultural historians ensure that nonrenewable resources are saved for future scientific study and public education. We conduct preconstruction site assessments, literature and archival record searches, field surveys, and, if necessary, subsequent testing and recovery programs.

As you rely on our expertise in environmental assessments, expect nothing less from FCS than providing the guidance and support you need to improve your bottom line value.

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