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Cultural Resources Management

Managing cultural resources the right way

Whether you are a real estate firm developing on a potential historical site, a retailer expanding to an area that may contain unearthed fossils and artifacts, or an organization that recently acquired a property of cultural value, FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) helps you preserve the prehistoric and cultural heritages of regions undergoing development.

From preconstruction site assessments and fossil salvage plans to construction monitoring, you are assured of receiving professional services and technical assistance from our team of archeologists and paleontologists to ensure these resources are properly managed.

Archival research, archaeological surveys, laboratory testing and documentation are conducted to produce complete and accurate information about your cultural resources. Our recovery programs are designed in accordance with federal and state regulations, professional guidelines and local requirements to protect the integrity of cultural and archaeological finds.

Take responsibility in preserving your cultural wealth

For inclusion in local and national registers, FCS conducts evaluations through literature and archival record searches, in-field assessments and comprehensive recording of findings. We may also provide recommendations for site mitigation when necessary.

We consult with the Native American Heritage Commission and concerned tribal representatives in evaluating your prehistoric resources. After our field surveys and thorough study of these resources, you will receive professional advice on what course of action to take in preserving burial grounds, religious sites, artifacts and traditionally valued plants and animals that may be found on your properties.

As you manage your properties of great cultural and historical significance, expect nothing less from FCS than providing the guidance and support you need to improve your bottom line value.

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