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Due Diligence and Entitlements Services

Designing and implementing effective strategies for your site development

Developing a new site can be a complicated and painstaking venture.  FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) understands the process, as well as the issues involved, and takes a strategic approach to obtain approvals.  Our dedicated, responsive team guides you through the process, keeping you on-target and on-time.  Your dedicated project manager lets you know exactly where your project is, and facilitates and streamlines the entire process so that you’re up and running faster:

With FCS, you’ll:

  • Open for business faster, employing a dedicated Team that understands and effectively manages the development process
  • Achieve greater accuracy in forecasting your development schedule
  • Rest assured that FCS is advocating your business
  • Stay updated on exactly where everything is in the approval process

FCS’ expertise includes Site Investigation Reports/Due Diligence, Land Use and Planning application processing, as well as associated environmental study or report preparation. Our dedicated Team of professionals works with regulatory agencies to develop and implement an effective strategy to obtain development approvals for your projects. FCS will oversee the consultant/design team to address issues and support you through reasonable and cost-effective solutions.  We offer uniquely superior customer service.

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