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Carbon Consulting & Sustainability Videos from FirstCarbon Solutions

Sustainability Solutions Anywhere in the World

To help create sustainable communities, FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) delivers sustainability solutions worldwide. Discover the benefits of sustainability for your community and how a global environmental company like FCS can help you achieve them by watching this video.

California's Carbon Emissions Cap-and-Trade Program

California is testing the nation’s 1st full scale carbon market designed to reduce GHG emissions. In his interview with the New York Times*, Chris Easter from FirstCarbon Solutions, an ADEC Innovation, shares his insight on the cap-and-trade program and how it heads off climate change.

*This video, which may be accessed on The New York Times’ website, was downloaded from The New York Times’ YouTube account.

FirstCarbon Solutions - Run your business. Leave Sustainability to Us.

From manufacturers and real estate companies to healthcare and financial institutions, FirstCarbon Solutions, an ADEC Innovation, helps our clients and we'll help you, build the strategy you need to be more profitable and competitive now and down the road.

What Should We Be Measuring and Reporting for Sustainability

FirstCarbon Solutions collaborates with clients to leverage energy management and sustainability and supply chain programs to achieve their bottom line goals. Reducing energy and consumption costs, slashing resource use and outputs, and operating more efficiently and competitively provide a direct and immediate path to greater profitability.

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