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Green Building: The Future of Construction

From, Published on August 29, 2016

Green building – which boasts advantages like resource saving, environmental protection and pollution reduction – has become popular in many Chinese cities.

More than its name suggests, green building represents a new concept of building that can fully capitalize on natural resources without disturbing ecological balance or harming the environment and provide shelter.

Green building embodies the essence of China's ongoing "architectural industrialization," said Yang Weisheng, president of Sunway Steel Building, an integrated service provider for green construction.

The green building market is in its infancy in China; however, the Chinese government has established a goal of having green buildings account for 30% of new construction projects by 2020.

Governmental agencies at all levels are taking steps, with some even providing incentives to boost green construction.

In China's southwestern Yunnan Province, green buildings are expected to account for half of all new construction projects by 2020.

Xiamen City even grants subsidies for individuals or organizations that purchase or develop green buildings.

With features like "lighter, faster, better and cheaper", structural steel building is one possible form of green construction, said Yang.

"With fewer pollutants, short construction cycles and high security standards, structural steel buildings can bring more social benefits to the people," Yang revealed.

According to preliminary estimates, if green building becomes the mainstream in the construction field, construction waste will be cut by 83% and energy savings will increase 50%.

Beijing National Stadium, the National Center for the Performing Arts and the CCTV (China Central Television) Headquarters are some examples of famous structural steel buildings.

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