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GRI Adds to G4 Resources

From Environmental Leader, Published 10 February 2014

‚ÄčThe Global Reporting Initiative has launched a G4 Content Index Tool and a G4 Brochure for New Reporters. The two latest resources are intended to help companies prepare sustainability reports using the  latest generation of GRI’s sustainability reporting guidelines, G4 .

The inclusion of a Content Index in a GRI-based report is a key requirement for both Core and Comprehensive ‘in accordance’ options of the G4 Guidelines. GRI has created a new Content Index Tool that can be used in conjunction with the G4 Guidelines. The guidelines enable stakeholders and report readers to get a quick overview of the report.

A new G4  brochure  for use by those new to sustainability reporting and/or GRI, is now available. The brochure provides a brief introductory overview of G4 and the GRI Framework in general, and guides new reporters on how to get started on their sustainability reporting.

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