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Firms Cut Costs, GHGs with EPA Climate Programs

From Environmental Leader, Published 03 February 2014


US businesses prevented 365 million metric tons of greenhouse gas  emissions  in 2012 by partnering with the EPA on  climate protection programs, the agency says.

According to the  EPA’s annual Climate Protection Partnerships report , some 21,000 organizations across the US have cut their greenhouse gas emissions and saved money by participating in the agency’s programs.

The EPA’s Energy Star program, for example, resulted in $7.5 billion in economic benefits for buildings in 2012, while the agency’s methane programs provided $4.6 billion in annual economic benefits ( see chart ).

Earlier this week,  Google  debuted at no. 6 in the  EPA’s Green Power Partner  rankings of the top clean electricity purchasers in the nation. The tech company uses more than 737 million kilowatt-hours of green power a year, or 32 percent of its total electricity use, most supplied by two 20-year bundled power purchase agreements.

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