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Emerging Economies Continue to Lead on Climate Change Legislation

From Clean Biz Asia, Published 27 February 2014

Nations have passed almost 500 laws to tackle climate change, with emerging economies led by China and Mexico making the most progress during 2013, according to a new study by Globe International , Global Legislators Organisation.

A total of 62 out of the 66 countries examined - accounting for about 88 percent of gloabl greenhouse gas emissions - have passed or are working on “significant” climate or energy-related laws, Globe said in its new report . However, it also cites Venezuela, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Canada as lacking “flagship” climate change legislation.

For the second year running , Globe flagged China and Mexico among nations making the most progress domestically. China published a plan to help it adapt to the effects of climate change, while continuing to draft a climate law, Globe said. Mexico adopted a national climate-change strategy.

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