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Outsourcing Environmental Data Collection

FCS understands that collecting energy, carbon and water information can be an onerous, yet worthwhile task. Hosted by CDP, this webinar provided an overview of how companies can employ an outsourcing partner to undertake the challenge of collecting data from their global operations.

By listening to this webinar, you will find out:

  • How expertise, data management and software are needed for a ‘fully automated’ experience
  • The need for a centralized data management information system
  • Different data collection approaches for different types of data
  • What information you need to provide to develop the best solution for your organization

You can directly download the slides or listen to the webinar.

If you would like to understand pricing and find out how much money and time you could save by outsourcing data management, please fill the form out to the right, and we will schedule your follow up consultation.

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“As one of our key partners, FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) has been a valuable asset to our investor and supply chain members and to CDP,” says Paul Simpson, Chief Executive at CDP. “Now, this enhanced partnership positions them as our go-to solutions provider for any company looking to outsource environmental data collection from complex worldwide operations, and enhance the efficiency of this process. This will enable companies to spend more time on taking action to reduce emissions.”

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