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Transaction Data Administration

Reduce your costs by as much as 50% with sustainability reporting solutions

The process of collecting, inputting, and assuring all your energy and carbon data across your distributed enterprise and supply chain is enormously costly and time-consuming. FirstCarbon Solutions offers a cost-effective and streamlined alternative, saving you money, conserving your professional resources for more strategic activities, and assuring you the most accurate and auditable results possible.

FirstCarbon Solutions’ sustainability professionals specialize in identifying energy and carbon management data including utility bills, fuel receipts, meter readings, HVAC maintenance reports, and travel logs. We put people, systems, and processes in place to find, collect, and organize all these different data types – transforming spreadsheet files, word processing documents, and boxes of paper records into standardized, easily accessible, and valuable electronic data.

We then key relevant information into the systems you specify, whether you’re using a single, master spreadsheet, a software application or a custom application. 

For quality control, we apply certified, multi-tiered processes to ensure the accuracy of your data.  

Finally, we automatically extract and integrate data into the business application or database of your choice, whether you use FirstCarbon Solutions software or another tool.

Customers who source their data management tasks to FirstCarbon Solutions routinely realize 35-50 percent cost savings compared to in-house processing. And, only FirstCarbon Solutions combines this expertise in back office data processing with comprehensive consulting and software to help you achieve sustainable profitability.