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Environmental Consulting for Finance

Improving your operations and your investments

Whether you’re a bank or a hedge fund, FirstCarbon Solutions will help you achieve sustainable profitability both in your internal operations and the investments you make. 

Only FirstCarbon Solutions fully integrates consulting and software with unmatched expertise in back office data processing to put you on the path to sustainable profitability in finance. 

Due diligence services

We offer expert services for conducting Phase I and Phase II site assessments to establish your financial risk from an energy, water, and resource cost perspective. And we will quantify and validate the CO2e savings used to finance projects. 

Inside your walls

Heating, cooling, and lighting – especially in your data centers and other technology-intensive facilities – are often a primary cost driver for your operations. FirstCarbon Solutions will help you audit and reduce those costs, find opportunities for conservation and waste reduction, and implement energy management plans that will significantly improve your financial health.