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CSR Reporting

Strengthen the environmental pillars of your CSR programs & policy with sustainability metrics

With drivers ranging from reducing stakeholder risk to strengthening brand value to increasing access to funding, most Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs now comprise environmental components such as cost-effective energy consumption and reduced environmental impact.

In fact, with the new GHG Protocol implemented by the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), the implementation of CSR programs with strong environmental components has become a must for companies seeking to promote sustainable and credible operations. And, in fact, more sustainable operations mean more for your bottom line.

The CSR reporting framework (WRI CSR Protocol) used most by companies and organizations today has been updated to emphasize stricter product accounting and accurate, verifiable reports containing true accounts of environmental compliance.

We’ll bring environmental transparency to your CSR program

FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) helps you maintain immediate, transparent access to the data elements these recognized methodologies require for CSR data capture and reporting. FCS data processing services help gather and standardize all your relevant CSR documents and data. Our software and expert consulting services address your company's need for reliable, verifiable and accurate CSR carbon management, sustainability and greenhouse gas metrics, and more. FCS ghgTrack™ provides a comprehensive CSR carbon management and reporting tool for regulators, employees, and the other stakeholders of your company.

FCS sustainability services provide the right solutions to establish environmental best practices within your CSR program.

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