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Carbon Management Solutions & Consulting Services

How carbon-efficient is your business?

Understanding and accurately calculating the carbon-intensity of your business is a complex process. Your true carbon footprint isn’t just a matter of inventory, it’s a matter of efficiency, - i.e., how much carbon are you generating per unit sold or moved? Both your productivity per unit of carbon as well as your total carbon footprint factor into your sustainability status.

In addition to providing carbon consulting services, FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) helps you get beyond simple spreadsheet-based totals to help you accurately inventory and manage your carbon intensity for greater profitability and sustainability. Our expertise and tools help EHS and sustainability professionals manage operations more efficiently and strategically while more easily meeting requests for data.

The path to carbon management and greater profitability

First, we’ll help you understand the drivers and business case for carbon management. What are other businesses in your industry doing? What are your reporting requirements? Where are your control points? Is third-party verification required?

Next, we’ll provide a detailed accounting of how much CO2e each of your emission sources generate per unit of production. If you need help gathering and standardizing your carbon data, FCS offers data processing services to make the process painless.

Using FCS  ghgTrack™ application, you’ll manage your carbon footprint in real-time, with reports that detail GHG emissions companywide, by business unit and by facility. Our inventories have built-in quality assurance and quality control and provide seamless auditing and verification, because you can store your third-party documentation within FCS  ghgTrack™. Our carbon footprint software lets you append images, PDF files, and other documents, so your data and the supporting documentation reside in the same location.

Finally, we’ll help you identify and implement efficiency improvement measures that will produce immediate cost savings by reducing your electricity, heating, and air conditioning bills.

Carbon Footprint or LCA?

They’re not the same. But a carbon footprint is a key component of a life cycle assessment (LCA). To optimize economies of scale and minimize costs, many organizations elect to conduct a full LCA – encompassing water, waste, and other natural resources and impacts – at the time they establish their carbon footprint. FCS encourages this practice for several reasons:

  • Implementing carbon footprint, energy efficiency, and LCA measures concurrently is more cost-effective, as they share much of the same data.
  • Performing an LCA of your entire manufacturing process lets you simultaneously evaluate multiple products, product lines, and processes.
  • LCA data can be used to drive a wider range of business decisions to improve supply chain and product line sustainability and profitability.

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