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Sustainabilitylive! 2012 Seminar Programme - Demand for Carbon Transparency in Global Supply Chains

According to 2008 McKinsey Quarterly report, 40-60% of a company's carbon footprint resides within the supply chain. CDP's 2011 Supply Chain Report noted that more than 50% of an average corporation's carbon emissions are outside its four walls.

Businesses today are not only looking to reduce their carbon footprint, they are examining the green credentials of their suppliers. Therefore, identifying, tracking and managing supply chain emissions is critical.

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Supply Chain programme offers a practical scoring system enabling industry benchmarking and removing existing complexities related to supplier carbon data collection.

The benefits of supplier scoring include a comparable metric for them to analyze and prioritize risk in the supply chain and the ability to highlight areas for improvement and share best practices.

Carbon reporting across the supply chain is becoming more common – and in some cases expected. The time has come for organizations to prepare themselves with the right systems and processes to meet this new requirement.

This presentation is for participants who are interested in learning how to provide and assess the information necessary for effective carbon management along the supply chain.As CDP's Supply Chain partner, FirstCarbon Solutions has a unique perspective on the importance of supply chain transparency and will enable participants to learn the supplier requirements to provide accurate data to customers, including the back office processing necessary to fully disclose an accurate carbon footprint, and how, with this information, customers can make significant improvements in supply chain sustainability.

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About the Speaker
Charles Hansard has 15 years in the environmental sector. With a degree from Cranfield University, Charles worked for Veolia Environmental Services running four waste incinerators where he pioneered the UK's first Waste Incinerator Ash Recycling plant taking in 120,000 tons of ash, removing all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and converting the remaining ash into aggregate for roads. In addition, Charles worked for Hanson Recycled Aggregates.

Before joining FirstCarbon Solutions, Charles was the Director at Biofriendly Europe, a company specializing in combustion catalysts to improve efficiency in large generating engines, ship engines, and coal fired power stations.

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