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Webinars and Presentations from FirstCarbon Solutions – Environmental Sustainability Experts for Industry & Business

FirstCarbon Solutions not only hosts webinars on various topics, but we also participate as industry experts in online sessions and podcasts hosted by other organizations.

Below are some on demand webinars that are available for your review and download.

  • Understanding CDP's 2016 Methodology

    Hosted by FCS, this 45-minute webinar will help you learn the changes in CDP’s 2016 scoring methodology and be better prepared in developing your CDP response.

  • Outsourcing Environmental Data Collection

    Hosted by CDP, this webinar provides an overview of how companies can employ an outsourcing partner to undertake the challenge of collecting data from their global operations which can be an onerous task.

  • Sustainability Plans

    This webinar is designed to assist local agencies with the key steps in developing and implementing a successful sustainability plan.

  • Your Road to 100A: Calculating Scope 3 Emissions

    Learn how you can achieve a CDP score of '100A' and develop a roadmap to improved performance year-over-year.

  • LCF-CSR EXPO 2012 Transforming the Business of Giving Back

    Learn more about the impact and benefits of effective sustainability programs, otherwise known as social impact management plans (SIMP's), to businesses and organizations.

  • Sustainabilitylive! 2012 Seminar Programme - Demand for Carbon Transparency in Global Supply Chains

    Identify, track and manage supply chain emissions efficiently and make significant improvements in your business' sustainability.

  • What Should We Be Measuring & Reporting for Sustainability?

    Learn the ins and outs of the Global Reporting Initiative and find out techniques on how to collect good quality data.

  • CDP Supply Chain Report Launch and Roundtable: Realizing & Demonstrating Value

    Are you wondering how companies are using emissions data from their supply chain? Know this and more from the CDP 2012 Supply Chain Roundtable.

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