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FirstCarbon Solutions Launches Enhanced ghgTrack™ Software to its Portfolio of Environmental Management Outsourcing Services

NEW YORK, April 13, 2010 - FirstCarbon Solutions, a pioneer in environmental management sourcing (EMO), today announced the first release of ghgTrack™ software and services under the FirstCarbon Solutions banner. The ghgTrack software solution became part of the FirstCarbon Solutions portfolio of environmental management sourcing services through the company's acquisition of Enverity Corporation in 2009.

FirstCarbon Solutions ghgTrack software and services combine an affordable, customizable and feature-rich solution enabling both regulated and non-regulated industries to manage greenhouse gas emissions and other sustainability data. FirstCarbon Solutions Internet-based ghgTrack software includes a suite of new graphical user interface dashboards and customizable metrics for organisations large and small.

New features of FirstCarbon Solutions ghgTrack software include:


  • Custom Metrics for Additional Environmental Sustainability Goals: Users can define and import custom metrics - from water consumption to recycling initiatives - and schedule and manage tasks for regulatory and related reporting.
  • New Dashboards for Visualizing GHG Emissions: The ghgTrack dashboard provides a graphical summary of an organisation's GHG emissions and carbon footprint, allowing them to easily make decisions based on key performance indicators. The dashboard includes baseline comparisons, year-over-year; interactive views of emissions by classification; facility totals and thresholds, as well as open or overdue tasks.
  • Custom Filters to Meet Demands of Multiple Stakeholders: Each dashboard can be filtered based on the needs of individual business units or facilities and can be further refined based on time or emissions type.
  • Methodology Tracking for Standards-based Reporting: ghgTrack helps guide users through the process of defining methodology for calculating GHG inventory, satisfying multiple international standards that require that methodology be documented and maintained over time.


A Spectrum of Options Depending on organisational Requirements

Working with FirstCarbon Solutions, companies have a range of options available to them, from equipping internal environmental and related staff with technology and consulting solutions to completely sourcing data management-related sustainability initiatives.

"Managing GHG emissions has quickly become a business imperative for organisations, and needs vary greatly from the smokestack to the office park," said Dailey Tipton, vice president, sales and marketing, FirstCarbon Solutions. "However, no matter the size of your organisation, collecting, reporting and managing GHG begins with the data."

FirstCarbon Solutions is the first company to combine environmental consulting and GHG emissions management software into customised solutions that allow organisations to outsource their sustainability initiatives. For regulated industries struggling with how to assure compliance with new environmental reporting requirements, FirstCarbon Solutions provides the only fully outsourced end-to-end environmental management solution that helps companies quickly identify and collect the necessary data and accurately calculate a carbon footprint without draining an organisation's internal resources. For organisations not yet subject to carbon regulation, but where carbon has a material impact on business operations, FirstCarbon Solutions quantifies the cost of carbon and transforms that cost into business opportunity.

"Managing sustainability data is a massive undertaking for organisations, and that's where FirstCarbon Solutions comes in," added Tipton. "ghgTrack offers organisations a cost-effective software solution that's easy-to-use and robust enough to meet data-intensive demands as requirements grow. organisations that choose to partner with FirstCarbon Solutions for environmental management sourcing services are able to focus on their core business strategy, leaving grappling with data to us."

ghgTrack Pricing and Availability
Licenses are purchased on a per site, not per user, basis. Pricing is based on a tiered structure that reflects data and regulatory requirements. Monthly subscriptions can start as low as $500 per month per site. ghgTrack software is available immediately.

About FirstCarbon Solutions
FirstCarbon Solutions is the only end-to-end sustainability provider, combining services, software and business process sourcing into cost-effective solutions. Unlike companies that specialise solely in environmental software or consulting services, FirstCarbon allows organisations to completely outsource sustainability management. The company is a subsidiary of ADEC Solutions (, a global enterprise with over 5,000 employees and operations in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. For more information on FirstCarbon Solutions, please visit